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Death the fat man and kitty
There was a post here. It was insightful, uplifting, witty and informative. It was the best post you'll never read. Sadly this post was not to be, whether by chance or devine intervention, my line would drop just at the wrong time and I feel a bit like defenestrating my router. Let's not point fingers and quarrel over who's to blame (or indeed to thank) for my post going lost, but rather try to salvage what's left of it. I've devised a concise bulleted list that falls very short of living up to it's predecessor, but lines out the main thoughts of the post now gone...

* Test weeks over. <- This makes me happy.
* Australia is making us look bad <- This makes me sad.
♪ I started playing piano again <- This makes me happy also.

There was some other stuff too, but that was the main points.

--Party On!

Waardes - ♥ for sale...
Death the fat man and kitty
-Stop being a such a feme Derick.-

Party on guys.


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